“Man from the Stars” Park Hae Jin Donates All Proceeds from Theater for Children’s Medical Expenses

Actor Park Hae Jin, with a Lotte brand cinema named after him in China, is donating all of his profit from the theater to charity.

On April 14, his agency WM Company said, “Park Hae Jin has told the Chinese Lotte cinema with his name, Park Hae Jin Theater, that he would like to donate all of his proceeds to charity.”

According to the agency, the donations will be used for a seven-month-old girl’s heart valve surgery, and ear reconstruction surgery for a 5-year-old boy. Park Hae Jin, in order to be present at the procedures, will be flying out to China on their scheduled surgery days.

WM Company said, “We will continue to donate in order to help children realize their hopes and dreams. We will do everything we can to give back even more than we’ve received.”

Lotte’s Park Hae Jin Theater was opened on February 1, and the second theater under the actor’s name is set to open in July, with which Park Hae Jin will also be donating all of his proceeds.