Rapper New Champ Asks Girls to Dress Less Provocatively in Music Video feat. Kye Bum Joo

Rapper New Champ has risen above the underground and is ready to make his official debut with his first digital single, “Yahage,” featuring Kye Bum Joo and Ji Hee Pil. The rapper released his “Yahage” music video with English subtitles through the official 1theK YouTube channel.

“Yahage” (pronounced Ya-ha-geh) means “provocatively” and was produced by Kye Bum Joo, his fellow PJR Entertainment label mate, with the melody and lyrics written by New Champ. The song is about New Champ asking his imaginary girlfriend to dress less provocatively. New Champ’s straightforward narration with his smooth rapping, along with Kye Bum Joo’s slick vocals makes the song a fun and catchy debut song.

The music video shows New Champ asking three beautiful women to tone down their sexiness and change their clothes. Watch towards the end for a somewhat predictable twist.