“K-Pop Star 3” Winner Bernard Park Plans to Give Prize Money to Parents

K-Pop Star 3” winner Bernard Park recently revealed that he will be giving his parents all of his prize money. 

On April 14, Bernard Park made a guest appearance on SBS’s “Cultwo Show” and revealed that he had received 300 million won (About 288,300 USD) for prize money. In a discussion regarding how he planned to use his prize money, he said that he planned to deposit the money into a retirement fund for his parents. 

On the last episode of “K-Pop Star 3” that aired on April 13, Bernard Park beat Sam Kim for first place. He ended up choosing JYP Entertainment as his agency that he’d like to debut under. 

When asked why Bernard Park had picked JYP Entertainment, he said, “It’s just, I was most comfortable with judge Park Jin Young when we worked together. Also, when it comes to learning more about songs, I thought the best teacher would be judge Park Jin Young.”