Bumkey to Tie the Knot in June

Talented singer and song writer Bumkey will marry his girlfriend, an instructor at an arts university, in June.

On April 15, Bumkey made the official announcement on a post in his group TROY‘s official fan cafe. He wrote, “I would like to announce something here today. I already revealed that I have a girlfriend on the radio and through the media, I am also getting married. We started dating seven years ago, but we broke up for a long period of time, and got back together last year. My wife-to-be is not a singer, but she is a music producer and teaches at an art school.”

Bumkey also reassured his fans that this big change in his life will only be better for his music. “As I go into a more stable future with my marriage, you will be able to find more comforting music from me. Working on music that will be listened by someone who will be with me for life and by all of you cannot be anything but a blessing.” Bumkey concluded by asking his fans for their blessing on his June wedding.

In August of last year, Bumkey had confessed on Shindong‘s radiow show that he was happy about being recently reunited with his long term girlfriend. 

Congratulations Bumkey!