San E Reveals Surprising Teaser for “Body Language”

Rapper San E, who released consecutive hits with “Story of Someone I Know” and “Break Up Dinner,” just released a surprising teaser for his new song, “Body Language.”

On April 15, the rapper released the concept and lyrics for the song, which unlike his previously released work, is more shocking and straightforward, drawing pictures of a man and woman’s physical communication.

The teaser is shot in the fashion of a selca, San E asleep with a girl next to him, her hair hiding her face. San E’s agency Brand New Music said, “The photo released is a concept image for ‘Body Language’ that San E thought up himself, in order to introduce to fans the general vibe of the song in a fun way.” They continued, saying that while the subject of the song could rub listeners the wrong way, it’s a fun track that San E worked out with wit and class.

San E and Beenzino, among others, will be holding a hip hop party on April 26 called “One Hip Hop vol. 3 Blossom,” where he will perform “Body Language” for the first time.

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