Choi Daniel and Jung So Min Pose As Chaebol Siblings For Allure

Actors Choi Daniel and Jung So Min posed together for a pictorial.

The two actors, who will be playing the role of sibling of a chaebol family in the new KBS 2TV drama “Big Men,” displayed their charms in a pictorial photo shoot with fashion magazine, Allure Korea.

Choi Daniel and Jung So Min dressed in a modern look from the 60s. The two actors conversed cheerfully with each other while getting their hair and make-up done. They set a positive vibe on set.

Choi Daniel, who is three years older than Jung So Min, said, “She is calm and deep for someone her age,” and praised his co-star. Jung So Min also complimented Choi Daniel saying, “He has the ability to make people around him feel comfortable.” Their image transformation into chaebol siblings is gaining much attention since both are generally known to have friendly images.

The pictorial of the two stars in “Big Men” premiering on April 28 will be featured in the May issue of Allure Korea. 

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