Compilation of Nam Gyu Ri’s Selcas Create a Buzz

Nam Gyu Ri’s selcas are drawing attention of many fans and netizens.

On April 8, the singer and actress posted on the Twitter account, “I’m on my way to Busan,” along with a selca. The photos she posted reveal Nam Gyu Ri with her goddess-like looks and her dazzling smile.

After her selcas were revealed, the previous selcas she revealed resurfaced online. Nam Gyu Ri has been known to give status updates to fan through posting on her SNS account, and she has been maintaining connection with fans through posting selcas of herself often.

The fans and Netizens gave various reactions in connection to Nam Gyu Ri’s selcas including “Nam Gyu Ri’s selca’s look like pictorials” and “Nam Gyu Ri is a master of taking selcas,”

Meanwhile, Nam Gyu Ri is waiting for the premiere of her first 3D omnibus film, “I Saw You,” which is due on May 1 at the 15th Jeonju International Film Festival.

nam gyu ri

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