Innocent Yoo Ah In Vs. Warm Park Seo Joon: Which do you prefer?

Innocent but at times reckless, tough but warm, it’s all about the younger males like Yoo Ah In in JTBC’s “Secret Love Affair” and Park Seo Joon in tvN’s “Witch’s Love.”

In “Secret Love Affair,” Yoo Ah In is as innocent and real as ever. The drama plays out the love story between the classy career woman Oh Hye Won (Kim Hee Ae) and the piano prodigy Lee Sun Jae (Yoo Ah In). While they are 20 years apart, Yoo Ah In’s love for Kim Hee Ae is simple and true and breaks the older Kim Hee Ae out of the grasp of society.

Yoo Ah In’s current role is much different from his previous works such as “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” or “Tough as Iron,” where he was tough and rebellious. His meticulous acting in “Secret Love Affair,” from the tremble of his hand when speaking to Kim Hee Ae down to his straightforward and reckless attitude when alone with her, perfectly portrays the delicate emotions of the drama and his character.

Park Seo Joon, like Yoo Ah In, is also playing out a 20-year-difference romance on screen, with the spontaneous and single character of Uhm Jung Hwa in “Witch’s Love.” With his expert portrayal of comedy as well as intense melodramatic scenes, Park Seo Joon is showing us a character type new to K-dramas and his previous roles, where he played a cutie in “Pots of Gold” and a thoughtful and caring boyfriend in “A Word from a Warm Heart,” even more so emphasized with the bed scene that he shot with Uhm Jung Hwa right off the bat in the second episode of “Witch’s Love.”

Have you been watching “Secret Love Affair” or “Witch’s Love?” Which character do you prefer? Make your vote below!

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