Production Company of “Three Days” Donates 30 Million Won to Sewol Ferry Rescue Operations

The producers of SBS’ Wednesday-Thursday drama “Three Days” have joined the other media figures in helping the victims of the heartbreaking Sewol ferry tragedy.

The drama’s production company Golden Thumb Pictures donated 30 million won (~ 30,000 USD) through the Salvation Army of Korea on April 21. A representative of the Salvation Army shared, “Yesterday, they revealed their will to donate. They requested the funds to be used for the rescue operations of the Sewol ferry.”

After hearing the news of actors Song Seung Hun and On Joo Wan delivering their donation through the Salvation Army, the production company contacted the organization to sort out the details. The representative added, “Looking at the Sewol tragedy, I am sure everyone is waiting for the rescue [of the missing people]. This wish is expressed through the extensive donations.”

Since the devastating news of the accident begun to spread on April 16, many celebrities and their fans have participated in the rescue operations by sending relief goods and funds to the victims.