Yozoh Reveals Calming Acoustic Teaser for “Day Dream”

Female singer Yozoh will be making her comeback soon, and she has just given a taste of what is to come.

On April 21, a teaser of her upcoming song “Day Dream” was released through YouTube. The song belongs to her new album titled “Small Story Part. 1,” which will hit the music stores on April 24. 

The teaser video follows a man drawing and writing on a roll of paper. His colorful illustrations reveal details about Yozoh’s album, and you can see him draw an acoustic guitar and a girl daydreaming, hinting at the concept of “Day Dream.” The calming guitar sound in the background seems to be a part of the acoustic version of Yozoh’s title track, as she teases us by singing one sweet line at the end of the teaser.

Stay tuned for the album release on April 24!