Mnet Producing a New ‘Blind’ Singer Survival Show

Cable channel Mnet will be making a call for the country’s best vocalists to participate in a singing survival show.

On April 22, an Mnet official said in a phone call with MBN Star, “Mnet is producing a new show called ‘Battle of Master Vocalists’ (working English title), where the best vocalists from different genres will come together and compete.”

They continued, “We’re in the process of casting for the show right now,” and explained the show as one where the singers will be judged on their voice and voice alone. The show will take a blind format somewhat like “Voice of Korea,” but even the audience will not know who the singer is, requiring them to focus solely on vocals.

An official said to that “The first day of filming is set for April 28.”

“Battle of Master Vocalists” will open up a stage for singers to put their voice to the ultimate test, giving them the opportunity to shed any prejudice or image that they’ve been associated with and the chance to show themselves in a new light. It is tentatively set to air in mid May.