Chu Sung Hoon and His Family Donate 50 Million Won to Ferry Tragedy Victims

The Chu family of KBS2TV’s “Superman Returns” has donated 50 million won (~ 50,000 USD) to help the victims of the Sewol ferry incident.

According to a representative of Ansan Social Welfare Office on April 25, the family consisting of Chu Sung Hoon, Chu Sa Rang, and Yano Shiho has made a donation of 50 million won. The amount will be used to support those closely affected by the tragedy.

“The aid will be given to 19 victims of the Sewol ferry sinking incident, who are under the National Basic Livelihood Security System [support system for those living in relative poverty],” the representative commented. 

Chu Sung Hoon’s agency expressed, “Chu Sung Hoon’s family felt very heartbroken due to the recent incident. They wanted to help in any way possible. Chu Sung Hoon’s wife Yano Shiho also felt devastated, and she willingly agreed on the donation.”

As a fellow mother, Yano Shiho has been strongly affected by the saddening news, and she opened up about her feelings on April 17 through her blog. She wrote, “As a fellow parent, I feel like my heart is going to rip out of my chest. May the deceased rest in peace, and I pray for the rapid rescue and safety of the passengers.”

Just last month, Chu Sung Hoon and his daughter Chu Sa Rang donated the earnings from their modeling activities to multicultural families. Furthermore, they also gave the profits from Kakaotalk emoticons featuring Chu Sa Rang to those in need.