Jung Yoo Mi and Choi Tae Joon Share a Romantic Kiss on “Mother’s Garden”

The friendly relationship of Yoon Joo and Ki Joon has finally developed into something deeper.

On the April 24 episode of MBC’s daily drama “Mother’s Garden,” the main couple played by actress Jung Yoo Mi and actor Choi Tae Joon went on an exciting camping trip to celebrate Ki Joon’s birthday. To make the trip even more memorable, Tae Soo (Gong Jung Hwan) had lent them his car for convenient transportation.

As it was time to cut the cake, Yoon Joo said, “Ki Joon, it seems to be your birthday. I am sorry for not preparing anything for your party.” Ki Joon told her to not worry about it, but asked her to sing a birthday song instead. Afterwards, the two had fun playing around in the water and enjoying the camping experience.

As it suddenly started to rain, Yoon Joo and Ki Joon returned to their cozy tent. While sitting next to each other, Ki Joon carefully reached for his pocket and took out two identical rings. He said, “I thought about hiding these inside the cake, or maybe even doing magic tricks. But the timing for this seems to be right now,” and confessed his feelings for Yoon Joo.

Yoon Joo responded to the confession by gently grabbing his hand, and slowly, the two leaned in for a romantic kiss.

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