Chinese Version of “Superman Returns” Explains Rumors About Plagiarism

Zhejiang Satellite TV, the channel behind “Daddy is Back,” the Chinese version of “Superman Returns,” made an official statement regarding plagiarism rumors.  

A rep of “Daddy is Back” released an official statement through Weibo on April 25 saying, “We are grateful to the producers, writers, and production staff of the KBS reality show, ‘Superman Returns,’ for helping us with our program,” and revealed that the show was produced with help from KBS.

The statement continued with, “’Daddy is Back’ is the Chinese version of ‘Superman Returns,’ and the both sides have taken a lot of time pre-planning to prepare for this project. Moreover, the production team of ‘Daddy is Back’ was able to grow through the production experience Korea has with reality shows.” The statement refuted against rumors of plagiarism.

The statement also included an explanation towards the controversy over Wu Zun giving his daughter a bath. The production team announced they would edit out that portion of the show in the rerun.

Meanwhile, Zhejiang Satellite TV’s “Daddy is Back” watches the lives of celebrity fathers that are given the tasks to watch over their children without the help of their wives for 48 hours. It aired for the first time in April 24. The cast includes Taiwanese idol group member Wu Zun, CEO of White Brothers Wang Zhong Lei, actor Jia Nailiang, and former gymnastics gold medalist Li Xiaopeng.

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