Honey Lee Charms with Her Bright Personality on “Four Sons and One Daughter”

Honey Lee has stolen the viewers’ hearts with her easy-going and caring nature on MBC’s “Four Sons and One Daughter.”

On the April 25 episode of the variety show, she revealed more of her charming traits. While it is normal for people at the countryside to call older people their “mother” and “father,” Honey Lee is one of the few cast members that make it sound natural, not to mention her pleasant manners that the elderly tend to love.

In this episode, the cast traveled to Chuncheon, where they visited their “parents” Jung Ki Sun and Lee Keum Chun. As they discovered that the wedding picture of the couple was unfortunately one with their faces simply edited into it, the cast decided to gift the married couple with a new wedding photo.

To relive the excitement of getting married, the couple with 51 years of marriage behind them was given the chance to experience everything one more time. From the wedding dress to the ceremony, the members helped to organize the event, and Honey Lee made sure that everyone was enjoying their time while doing it. Her bright and sweet actions kept people happy throughout the day, and she even encouraged the long-time couple to share an adorable kiss during their wedding photoshoot.

Thanks to her caring but relaxed personality, the elderly see Honey Lee as their daughter, and the fellow cast members act as if they all belong to the same loving family. 

honey lee