Box Office Shows Revival After Sewol Ferry Accident

It had been reported last week that movie attendance dropped significantly due to the Sweol Ferry incident, which took place on April 16. 

This week, the box office has shown a recovery since then with the release of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” which attracted over 500,000 people in one day.

According to the Korean Film Commission’s movie ticket sales aggregation report, on April 26, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” was shown on 1,312 screens throughout Korea, and it attracted 533,210 people rising to the No.1 spot in the box office. The total attendance for the movie amounts to over 1.1 million.

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” which released on April 23 was well-received attracting over one million moviegoers in just four days.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier” was ranked No.1 last weekend with around 90,000 people. Compared with this result, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” recorded a number five times higher showing a significant increase in the number of moviegoers this week. 

The grief caused by the Sewol Ferry accident added to the off-season, and not many people were going to the movies. However, with the release of new films, the trend is expected to change.

Meanwhile, “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” attracted 50,788 people raking in No. 2 and “Captain America: The Winter Solider,” “Broken” and “Divergent” respectively took No. 3, 4, and 5.


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