Han Hyo Joo Travels to Mexico for InStyle Pictorial

Han Hyo Joo went to Mexico to shoot a pictorial for InStyle.

In the pictures, Han Hyo Joo wears light makeup to accentuate her great facial features. To match the spring season, the actress wears bright, colorful dresses that makes her look radiant. The dresses do well to exemplify Han Hyo Joo’s slim figure that might make some females looking at her pictorial feel envious. The dresses also highlight her long, slender legs.

After the release of the 2013 film “Cold Eyes,” many fans in Mexico were able to recognize Han Hyo Joo. Thanks to her Mexican fans, the atmosphere on the photo shoot set improved.

Han Hyo Joo had great things to say about Mexico. “I think Mexico suits me well. This is the first time I felt like I was being healed while on a photo shoot.”