[Gmarket Global] Have You Ever Bought Products from a Korean Online Shopping Mall?

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Have you ever watched a Korean drama and wondered how the actors and actresses manage to have such flawless skin and what kind of skincare and makeup they would often use? Maybe you’ve imagined how much your skin might improve if you could follow the same daily skincare regimen, and was sad just how expensive the beauty products cost on other online sites.

And for the folks who are interested in Korean fashion, isn’t it a little difficult finding a trustworthy seller who sells the latest fashion items so you can keep up with the latest fashion trend?

Gmarket Global offers an easy solution by offering a centralized online shopping mall and is user-friendly for overseas users. Currently endorsed by fashionista G-Dragon of BIGBANG, the site serves over 70 countries, and is available in Korean and is now also available in English and Chinese. One of its perks is the many sellers on the site and the wide variety of item selections so you can easily compare the prices in order to snag the best deal.

Have you ever bought something, but the site was so slow with your refund? No worries! One of our staff members who used the site shared that her order was out of stock, and quickly received her refund. No waiting, no delays, and no stress.

And good news! Gmarket Global is currently offering 50% discount coupons to new members!

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Check out the awesome deal here!

Here are some more discount coupons ranging from Silver to SVIP benefits!

So, how do you get in on this? How do you sign up?

It’s pretty simple. There are just five easy steps:

Register -> Search your item -> Order -> Pay -> Ship

Check the easy step-by-step guideline here!

And good news for those who already registered – you’ll still be able to receive discounts!

Check out some of the special benefits below~

Click on the photo to immediately go to the link

Happy Shopping!

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