Shin Ji Su and Crucial Star Reveal Dreamy Live Version of “Show Me Your Light”

Singer Shin Ji Su, who you might remember from “Superstar K 3,” and rapper Crucial Star have unveiled a special live version of their collaboration single “Show Me Your Light.” 

After teasing their fans with a cute snapshot of the two stars, their song was released on April 15 through online music stores. Inspired by the life and worries of young adults, the lyrics of “Show Me Your Light” reflect a man’s thoughts on love and a woman’s will to care for her loved ones. 

In the live clip released on April 28, Shin Ji Su and Crucial Star are sitting on chairs at a beautiful location. The mysterious and misty atmosphere elevates the listening experience, and Shin Ji Su’s beautifully strong vocals combined with Crucial Star’s smooth rapping make up an enjoyable duet.

Listen to the live performance below!