Quiz: What Variety Show Should You Be On?

We all enjoy watching our favorite celebrities go to new places, try new food, play weird games, and generally act like a goofball on variety shows. We have shows we like to watch, but what show should you be in? Take the quiz to find out!

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Infinity Challenge

You should be on “Infinity Challenge!” You love to try new things and go to new places. Plus, you get to experience all of that with a group of funny comedians who love to goof off and act like kids. The show is always switching it up, so it’s always entertaining and new. 

running man all cast

You should be on “Running Man!” What’s more fun than competing in a large scaled game of “Hide and Seek?” Not only would you get to travel to other countries with a group of hilarious people, you might even get to be part of an OTP (Monday Couple forever). Choose your alliances carefully! Are you trustworthy or packed full of betrayal? 


You should be on “1 Night 2 Days!” It’s like camping, but with great company and dangerously fun games. You’ll have to show your no-makeup and bed head combo when you wake up in the mornings, but that’s not a big sacrifice when you’re spending time in the great outdoors with a bunch of good-natured guys. 

dream team

You should be on “Dream Team” (or “Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education“)! You have tons of energy and you love playing sports. You’ll also get to show your speed and strength on elaborate obstacle courses. Bring out the competitive side in you, and take the wins for your team! Try not to be a sore loser though (cough Minho cough).

Yang Hyun Suk on K-Pop Star 3

You should be on “K-Pop Star” (or “Super Star K,” “The Voice Korea,” etc…)!
You’re talented and you know it, and now it’s time for the whole world to know it. You’ll deal with shaken nerves and thousands of competitors to win the cash prize and record deal. Who knows, maybe you’ll become a famous singer afterward?

daddy where

You should be on “Daddy, Where Are We Going?” (Or “Superman Returns,” “Hello Baby“) Who doesn’t love adorable children saying and doing adorable things? You love kids and you don’t mind chasing after them, drying their tears, and cleaning up after them. It’s all worth it when they give you a toothy grin and a big hug. 

global we got married 2

You should be on “We Got Married!” Being in a virtual marriage may be better than being in a real marriage. First of all, you can go on these amazing dates. Second, your partner is either an idol, athlete, or actor. Third, it ends when you want it to. How awesome is that? 

Star King

You should be on “Star King!” There are two kinds of people on “Star King”: People with talent and people who laugh exaggeratedly and fall off their chairs. If you’re the first type, then you have an unique talent you want to share with the world and you’re more than ready for your five minutes in the spotlight. If you’re the second, you’re really good at reacting to things, and that’s a talent too.  

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