HyunA Brings Sexy Back to Sportswear for Vogue Girl Korea

4Minute member HyunA was recently featured in a pictorial for Vogue Girl Korea.

In keeping with the “Boy Meets Girl” concept, HyunA brought out sexy and feminine charm in sportswear clothing, or clothing typically regarded as masculine. HyunA demonstrated yet again that she could look sexy wearing anything without having to show too much skin. 

Utilizing caps, jerseys, skateboards, tennis dresses, and shin socks, HyunA transformed each look into a sexy one. For tomboys who seek comfortable yet sexy silhouettes, HyunA’s photos offer multiple styling ideas, such as adding a pop of color using lipstick or balancing baggy clothing with fitted pants or shorts to accentuate figure. 

You can view more photos from HyunA’s pictorial on the official website of Vogue Girl Korea or in their May print issue! 

hyuna_vg1 hyuna_vg2 hyuna_vg3