Fly to the Sky Returns with “Continuum” on May 20

They say good things come to an end… but what the adage doesn’t say is that they can come back again!

The duo Fly to the Sky announced their return from a five-year hiatus with their 9th album, “Continuum.” The album has ten tracks including “You, You, You” and will be released on May 20. The album is currently available on online music sites.

Since the duo announced that they’ll go separate ways following the expiration of their contract in 2009, both Hwanhee and Brian took the time to focus on their solo activities. Their 8th album, “Decennium,” was released on their 10th year in the industry.

“Fly to the Sky brings their own musical colors that they have enriched through their solo activities. As expected, the members poured their hearts and souls in producing this album,” said their agency, H2 Media.

Fans can expect the musical color of Fly to the Sky in the 9th album, “Continuum” with songs that are made to fit the duo. “For this 9th album, composers and producers who worked on Fly to the Sky’s album have all brought their musical styles and at the same time, bring something new for the album,” added their agency.

Fly to the Sky will hold have their first performance at their commemorative 9th album showcase on May 20, the day of their album release, at K-Art Hall in Olympic Park.