Siwon Takes a “Wedding” Photo with Kan Qing Zi

Photos of Super Junior’s Siwon’s “wedding” have surfaced on the internet. The pictures are part of a joint Korean-Chinese drama project entitled “Billion Dollar Heir”, and were posted on co-star Kan Qing Zi’s Weibo account. 

The drama series is being shot in China and tells the tale of a businessman struggling to gain control of a huge financial inheritance.

siwon wedding

The photos show Siwon and drama love-interest Kan Qing Zi, posing for what appear to be family wedding snaps by the seafront. Siwon is wearing a smart-looking black tuxedo, while his “bride” wears a white sleeveless dress. 

The new project will reunite the Super Junior star with director Oh Sang Won, who also co-directed KBS drama “Poseidon” in 2011, where he played an undercover detective.