Kim Gura and Son Kim Dong Hyun to Host Their Own Show!

MC Kim Gura and his son Kim Dong Hyun will host their own variety show called “Kim Father and Son Show.” The show, which is set to broadcast on Tooniverse, will focus on closing the cultural gap between father and son. This will be the first time the father and son duo will host their own show, creating more curiosity towards the variety show.

kim dong hyun

In regards to their upcoming show, Kim Gura commented, “I’ve always wanted to MC a show with Dong Hyun, so I am very happy that my wish will come true.” In addition, son Kim Dong Hyun said, “This is my first time leading a variety show, so I am a bit nervous. However, since I’m doing this show with my dad I feel confident. Please anticipate our collaboration!”

“Kim Father and Son Show” will convey the duo discussing the hot topics between teens, as well as exchanging cultural ideas. Furthermore, with guests appearances from teenagers to comedians, viewers will be able to hear different perspectives in regards to cultural ideologies. 

kim dong hyun

The show’s producer, Choi Woo Suk, expressed, “The show will focus on talks that teenagers are interested in. Through the exchange of cultural ideas between Kim Gura and his son, we hope that teenagers and parents who watch this show will begin to understand each other more than before.”

Not only will the show have discussions corners, but the father and son duo will have a variety of activities including a news corner for teens. Hopefully, this show will not only help Kim Gura and his son Kim Dong Hyun become closer, but also assist the relationships of parents and children who watch the show.

“Kim Father and Son Show” will broadcast its first episode through Tooniverse on May 16 at 8 PM.

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