Infinite Shows Fan Service Through Hugs on “Star Gazing”

Boy group Infinite is planning to give back to their fans through fan service! 

According to reports from production staff, the group made a guest appearance on MBC pilot variety program, “Star Gazing.” During the recording for the show, Infinite supposedly gave hugs to fans. 

The production staff stated, “In order to return the love fans have given them, Infinite members gave out hugs to fans- enough to make some almost faint from happiness. They made everyone gathered during the filming very happy. You can tune in to see what kind of hugs Infinite gave out to their fans.” 

“Star Gazing” is a new talk show program where stars show their charms and unrevealed stories through fans. Kang Ho Dong will be the MC for the show with a panel of cast member stars such as Song Eun Yi, Shindong, Kwon Oh Joong and So Yoo Ka

The pilot episode aired on May 1 at 11:15PM.