Teen Top Members Have a Debate About Being Friends with the Opposite Sex

Teen Top’s L.Joe and Chunji stated that it is possible for people to feel more comfortable with friends of the opposite gender than those of the same gender.

On Y-STAR’s “Teen Top Never Stop in Guam,” the female staff asked the members of the group to act as their counselors and provide them with advice on relationship problems. One of the problems brought up by a staff member was that she feels troubled by the fact that her boyfriend has so many female friends, which lead to various answers from Teen Top.

Chunji and L.Joe replied that it was completely understandable for her boyfriend to have a lot of female friends, while the other members (C.A.P, Niel, Ricky, and Changjo) argued that her boyfriend was in the wrong.

L.Joe and Chunji explained their position, “There are people out there who feel much more comfortable with friends of the opposite gender,” and that it is hard for them to understand those who do not have any opposite-sex friends.

C.A.P and Niel tried to explain the other side by saying, “If the same situation with the opposite-sex friend gets repetitive, it will be hard to bear,” as they acted out a possible scenario of what could happen in that kind of relationship.

You can watch a different side of Teen Top in “Teen Top Never Stop in Guam,” as they share relationship advice on May 3 at 11 PM (KST) on Y-STAR.   

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