Yoon Kye Sang Looks Extremely Manly for Fashion Magazine Geek

Actor Yoon Kye Sang took some very fancy shots for the fashion magazine Geek.

Yoon Kye Sang is apparently ready to make a comeback to the big screen through his new romantic comedy movie “Red Carpet” which will be released in the latter part of 2014. The actor also recently completed a movie which will be out this year as well. The movie’s title is “Minority Opinion” and Yoon Kye Sang stars as a government-appointed lawyer who defends a client accused of murdering a riot policeman during a forced demolition.

Last month, the actor finished the KBS2 drama “Beyond the Clouds” which starred Han Ji Hye and Choi Jin Woong as well. In terms of personal life, it seems like the actor is still going strong with Honey Lee who is doing very well in the variety show “Four Guys and One Girl.”

Yoon Kye Sang for Geek 2

Yoon Kye Sang for Geek