Yeo Jin Goo Wants To Be Matched Up with Go Hyun Jung for His Next Project

Korea’s “little brother” actor Yeo Jin Goo revealed that he wants to act with actress Go Hyun Jung on the MBC program “Section TV Entertainment News” that aired on May 4. He further continued, “I think it would be a great opportunity to act with her on a historical drama.”

When asked what his secret was in capturing the hearts of older women, Yeo Jin Goo jokingly replied, “(Though I am still young) I think they want to feel protected by me.”

Yeo Jin Goo was recently appointed to be a honorary ambassador for the Vietnamese Film Festival and fans can see more of him this year through his movie “Mr. Perfect.” In addition, Yeo Jin Goo has been nominated for the award of Best New Actor at the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards that will take place this month.

Yeo Jin Goo on TV Entertainment News