Actor Park Gun Hyung from “Real Men” Feels Disappointed Towards Henry?

On the recent episode of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News,” actor Park Gun Hyung talked about how he felt dejected by Henry on the variety show “Real Men” they both star in.

Park Gun Hyung said during the interview, “When I saw Henry for the first time on the set of Real Men, I felt I really needed to look out for this guy.” Park Gun Hyung’s friendly affection for Henry led to his nickname to be “Henry’s Father.”

The actor laughingly continued, “But even though I did care for him a lot, he only praised K.Will on the ‘Quiz to Change the World.’ I felt so betrayed. Now I’m going to bid him farewell. “

During the interview, Park Gun Hyung also talked about the stress he has on nail art and on his life before his debut.

Park Gun Hyung on Section News