EXO’s Chanyeol Is a “Gentle Idol” on “Roommate”

In a previous interview, EXO‘s Chanyeol said that he worried fans would turn away once they see how he really is when he’s at his comfortable state but little does he know, showing his true colors–especially if it’s really cool–could only make the fans love him even more!

On the first episode of the SBS “Good Sunday” show “Roommate,” Chanyeol showed the viewers a side of him that wasn’t often seen on camera until now.

Chanyeol was the first to arrive at the house and was at awe at everything he looked at. He gave himself a quick tour of the whole place walking from the wide living room, clean kitchen and dining hall, and finally, the rooms upstairs.

Eventually, the second member of the group–comedian Jo Se Ho–arrived next and Chanyeol offered to help carry Jo Se Ho’s things. Chanyeol ended up carrying most of Jo Se Ho’s stuff.

“I wanted to show the audience that Chanyeol is the kind of kid who is good to his hyungs. If he stays still and doesn’t help me out, he would become an idol with ‘no manners’,” Jo Se Ho explained. The comedian then added that Chanyeol is what he would call a “gentle-dol” or a gentleman idol.

In this episode, viewers also got to see more of the good mannered Chanyeol as he left a message to greet the other roommates when he left the house for a shoot. He wrote on the glass board in the common room saying:

Hello everyone~!!

This is EXO’s Chanyeol who is the first roommate to arrive in the house~!!
I came early so I already fixed some of my stuff and spent some time in this new place. Because I was alone, I was so bored and I could not wait to meet the other roommates soon.
I have to go to a shoot now so I won’t be at the house. I’ll work hard at the shoot and come back so please wait for me~ Please do me a favor~ <3

“Roommate” is the new SBS variety show wherein 11 celebrities will live together in a “share house.” See more of Chanyeol and the other roommates–Lee Dong Wook, Shin Sung Woo, Lee So Ra, Hong Soo Hyun, 2NE1’s Park Bom, After School’s Nana, Jo Se Ho, Seo Kang Joon, Park Min Woo, and Song Ga Yeon–in the next episodes!

“Roommate” airs on SBS every Sunday, 4:40 p.m. (KST).