Actor Lee Je Hoon Already in the Middle of Casting Battles Even Before Military Discharge

Actor Lee Je Hoon is slowly approaching the end of his military service; however, broadcast stations are already sending him numerous love calls.

The actor enlisted in October of 2012 and is currently finishing up his service at Seoul Metropolitan Police Special Promotional Unit. At the end of this coming July, he is expected to be discharged. It is reported that many producers and writers are covertly competing to try to get highly desired actor.

Before his enlistment, Lee Je Hoon received attention for displaying his outstanding charisma and acting skills through films such as, “Architecture 101,”  “The Front Line,” “My Paparotti,” and more. Although he has a “gentleman” image and good looks, he is still able to portray completely opposite personalities depending on which character he is acting as. He is also known for his positive attitude, which is how he was able to attract so many female fans in a short period of time.

After debuting in 2007, he steadily gained experience by acting in both minor and major roles in movies and dramas, and now, has finally started to receive recognition and praise from the public for his superb acting. Producers and writers also agree with the public, as they are trying hard to reach out to Lee Je Hoon before his official discharge. It is rumored that many broadcast officials, who were disappointed that he enlisted during his peak of popularity, have already started a war to cast the actor in secret.

With close to three months left in his mandatory service, plenty of scripts and synopses are already being sent to Lee Je Hoon’s agency. Many prominent directors in particular, are lining up to try and film a blockbuster drama with the casting of Lee Je Hoon.

One broadcast official stated about the industry’s immense interest in the actor, “It is at the point where many writers and producers have created a script especially with Lee Je Hoon in mind. It is common to see casting directors sharing and discussing Lee Je Hoon’s condition these days.”

Lee Je Hoon is expected to be discharged from the military on July 24. Are you looking forward to seeing the actor’s return in a new drama or movie?

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