Park Min Young Feels Intimidated By Her Senior Actors On the Set of “A New Leaf”

On the MBC “Section TV Entertainment News,” actress Park Min Young talked about how she felt intimidated by other actors while shooting for her drama “A New Leaf”, especially those who are much senior than her, such as Kim Myung Min and Kim Sang Joong

When asked who makes the most bloopers, Park Min Young said, “Until now, I was never the one who made such mistakes but while shooting for A New Leaf, even when I make a tiny mistake, I feel like a criminal.” She continued, “I think it is because Kim Myung Min and Kim Sang Joong have never made a single mistake.”

During the interview, Kim Myung Min and Kim Sang Joong also talked about several difficulties and funny anecdotes that occurred on the set of their new drama.

A New Leaf cast on Section TV A New Leaf picture