Park Myung Soo, Narsha and Four Other Celebs Go “Back To The School” in New Variety Pilot

MBC’s new variety pilot “Back To The School” will showcase a group of six celebrities, whose average age is 43.5, go back to school.

“Back To The School” will be a reality show where six stars will be given a chance to be students again at a high school for two days. The first group of students will consist of Park Myung Soo, Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls, Kim Kyung Ho, Jo Min Ki, Lee Bong Joo and Yoon Hae Young. Each of the celebrity has their own reason for going back to school.

Like real high school students, these celebrities will go to school, take classes, and socialize with high school students. They are expected to show a different side to them which could not be seen on other shows.

There is already a buzz surrounding the actual high school students who will be interacting with the celebrities. As non-celebs, these teenagers are also rumored to be realistic and entertaining in their own ways.

MBC will air the pilot of “Back To The School” on May 10.