“You’re Surrounded” Episode 2 Preview

The P4 – Eun Dae Gu (Lee Seung Gi), Eo Soo Sun (Go Ara), Park Tae Il (Ahn Jae Hyun), Ji Gook (Park Jung Min) – repeatedly makes mistakes during their first dispatch at a riot case in Gangnam, and, in the end, the gangster who Eun Dae Goo and Eo Soo Sun tried to get imprisoned gets untied and flees. Eun Dae Goo tells Eo Soo Sun that he doesn’t need an airhead of a partner, and warns her to quit her job as a detective. Seo Pan Suk (Cha Seung Won) goes to the chief and exclaims that there can’t be noob detectives, and requests to take the P4 out of the Violent Crimes Unit- Third Division..

Seo Pan Suk: What kind of investigation are we trying to achieve with these four bird brains?
Seo Pan Suk: Please swap them out.. at least two of them.
Lee Eung Do: You guys are like one body. (Act like a team.)
Eo Soo Sun: Lets get along.
Lee Eung Do: A type of (female) con artist..
Seo Pan Suk: Do NOT get caught and do NOT do anything that catches attention.
P4: Yes sir!
Lee Eung Do: Whatever you do, don’t stand out.
Eo Soo Sun: I’ll do my best!
Seo Pan Suk: Don’t ever throw punches.
Eo Soo Sun: Eun Dae Gu!
Eo Soo Sun: Eun Dae Gu! What the heck are you doing right now?! … Eun Dae Gu!
Eun Dae Gu: *whispers* Mom?

You’re Surrounded” is off to a great start scoring viewership ratings in the double digits with the first episode. AGB Nielsen reported that the drama secured 12.3%, and immediately came out on top of the Wednesday-Thursday drama battle. MBC’s drama “A New Leaf” got 9.3% viewership ratings while KBS’ “Golden Cross” brought in 7.2%.

You’re Surrounded” is an action-comedy drama centered around policemen of Gangnam Station who dream of becoming legendary detectives. Rookie Eun Dae Gu (Lee Seung Gi) is brilliant, boasting an IQ of 150 with a photographic memory, but has a problem with authority. Eo Soo Sun (Go Ara), persistent and strong-willed, applied five times to get into the police academy and is the only female among the rookie officers. Park Tae Il (Ahn Jae Hyun) is rather secretive and keeps things to himself. Ji Gook (Park Jung Min) has no interest in being a detective. His goal is to be a public official. Seo Pan Suk (Cha Seung Won), the short-tempered caption of the Violent Crimes Unit, ends up being the group’s team leader.

Episode 2 will air on Wednesday, May 8 at 10 p.m. (KST).

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