Teenage Rock Band Lapis Lazuli (Lala Band) to Make Official Debut

Often called “Post Jaurim” when the group performed at many music contests and festivals last year, teenage rock band Lapis Lazuli plans to make its official debut with the release of its first mini album “Never Don’t Stop” on May 9.

The rock band consists of three members – Kim Yoo Jung (18, vocal and bass guitar), Jung Soon Ho (18, guitar), and Kwak Joon Suk (17, drums) – and was formed in Daegu, one of the larger cities located outside of Seoul.

Their agency stated, “Rock and pop is their foundation, but just like how they are young, they aren’t stuck to a certain genre and have freedom in their sound. Each of the members are surprising us with just how much they are improving each day. They will be able to show the public a more diverse sound.”

Some of Korea’s big names have participated in the upcoming album. Loveholic’s Kang Hyun Min, composer Seo Jung Mo, Kim Myung Hwan are a few musicians who have composed, provided the lyrics, and produced for “Never Don’t Stop.”

Lala Band plans to hold two showcases. The first showcase will be in Hongdae on May 30, and the second is scheduled to be in Daegu, their hometown.