Former Girl Group S.E.S. Unites Once Again for Annual Charity Bazaar

On May 31 at Kangnam’s Kyobo Tower, the disbanded girl group S.E.S. will come together to host the annual “S.E.S. Green Heart Charity Bazaar: For A Better Future.” The former members–Bada, Eugene, and Shoo—will sell both personal and personally designed items, such as t-shirts, to raise money for supporting the environment, animals, and children.

This year celebrates the 6th anniversary of the event. Although in 2009 member Bada hosted the Bazaar on a small scale together with the members of her fan club, by 2012 the charity event had expanded to include S.E.S. as a complete unit with Eugene and Shoo’s participation. Since then, S.E.S. has met once a year for the same purpose.

Bada, Eugene, Shoo and their fans are personally involved in planning every aspect of the Bazaar. Last year, member Shoo caught the public eye as she participated in the event despite being heavily pregnant. This year in particular, fans and attendees have added their personal items to those donated for sale by the members of S.E.S. The event was originally planned to start on May 17, but due to a national atmosphere of mourning following the Sewol Ferry incident, it has been delayed until the 31st.

The first generation girl group S.E.S. debuted in 1997 and enjoyed much popularity before disbanding in 2002, after which each member pursued her own personal projects. Unlike the example set by other girl groups who have split up, S.E.S. is notable for the sisterly love the members display during the group’s occasional reunions.