Psy Featured in Spanish Singer Jencarlos Canela’s “Give It Up Tonight”

Worldwide star Psy participated in a Spanish song with a Korean rap.

Last month, Spanish singer Jencarlos Canela released his seventh album “Jen.” Psy is featured in the track “Give It Up Tonight.” Psy’s 20 second rap is inserted in the middle of the song, featuring the lyrics “The flowers are blooming,” “dance,” and “breathe” in the Korean language.

In an interview with Billboard last month, Canela revealed his surprise towards Psy featuring in his album. Despite being a Spanish speaker, Canela confessed that his album contained more than the Spanish language in his album.

On the other hand, Psy hasn’t hidden his love for Korean music despite attaining worldwide fame through “Gangnam Style.” While people around him clamored for an English song, Psy stuck with Korean for the follow up track “Gentleman.”