BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Snaps a Shot With His Mother for Parent’s Day

On May 8, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon recently posted on his Instagram a cute shot of him and his mother, in celebration of Parent’s Day. Cleaned up and looking dandy in a sharp grey suit and half-rimmed glasses, G-Dragon poses with a peace sign next to his mother, holding a bouquet of carnations, a popular gift for Parent’s Day in Korea.

The same day, G-Dragon also posted a photo of himself with Barnaba Fornasetti. Barnaba Fornasetti is the son of Piero Fornasetti (a Milanese artist and designer), who is continuing his father’s work. G-Dragon said in the caption of the photo, “It’s an honor to meet you and thank you for having me. Good luck with your first exhibition in Korea.”

Check out the Instagram photos below!

In other news, Big Bang and other YG artists recently wrapped up the YG Family Concert in Japan at the Tokyo Dome on May 3 and 4.