Jung Joon Young – Jung Yoo Mi Couple Will Be Leaving “We Got Married”

To the disappointment of many fans of the couple, singer Jung Joon Young and actress Jung Yoo Mi will no longer be appearing on MBC’s “We Got Married.”

According to a broadcast representative in this exclusive report from OSEN, Jung Joon Young and Jung Yoo Mi have already completed their last filming for the show. They joined “We Got Married” in September of last year and now the virtual couple will be ending its run after experiencing eight months of ‘newlywed’ life together.

The two of them were called the ‘Jung-Jung Couple’ as they received a lot of love for showing their sweet yet playful marriage life to viewers. They raised the show’s popularity with the combination of Jung Joon Young’s silly yet deep charms with Jung Yoo Mi’s cheerful and considerate personality.

Although they received a lot of love after appearing on the show, the couple will be parting ways due to their work schedules as Jung Joon Young will focus on KBS 2TV’s “1N2D” and Jung Yoo Mi will devote her time to filming MBC’s drama “Mother’s Garden.”

The details of the Jung-Jung couple’s final broadcast have not yet been confirmed but we hope to see more of them in their respective works!

Will you miss this fun and entertaining couple on “We Got Married?”