Joo Sang Wook Plays a CEO and Talks About Being Unlucky in Love for “The Star”

Joo Sang Wook, who first experienced the challenge of acting in a romantic comedy in the popular, recently concluded MBC drama “Cunning Single Lady,”  and has been selected as the cover model for this month’s issue of “The Star.

The actor is both cheerful and dandy in the magazine’s fashion pictorial. The theme of the photo shoot is a smartly dressed CEO who works alone in his office from sunup to sundown, wearing various checkered suits, slip-on shoes, patterned scarves, boutonnieres, dotted socks and other accessories. The actor’s ironic charm is especially clear where he jokingly poses as the lonely CEO dressed in matching striped socks and shorts while eating a late night snack by himself.

In an interview following the photo shoot, Joo Sang Wook commented humbly on his well-received comedic acting: “It was my first experience with that type of role and I didn’t want to have to play a similar character this time as well. More than anything, I worry about whether I can perform well in a genre where I have no experience. Luckily, even though my role here was serious there were also funny scenes—thank you for your kind attention.”

About his lovesick and bumbling oddball personality, he said “I, too, have been hurt through love. I haven’t been able to experience a simple crush. If it’s this it’s this and if it’s that it’s that; it doesn’t do any good to worry about being alone. If there is someone I like, I ask them out.”