Kang Hye Jung Joins the Cast of “How to Steal a Dog”

Actress Kang Hye Jung has been cast in the upcoming film “How to Steal a Dog.”

“How to Steal a Dog” is based on a children’s novel of the same title by American author Barbara O’Connor. It will tell the story of a young girl fighting to protect her single-parent household.

Actress Kim Hye Ja and child actress Lee Re have been also confirmed to be part of the cast. Kang Hye Jung will play the main character’s mother.

Recently, Kang Hye Jung has been more known for being Haru‘s mother on KBS variety show “Superman REturns.” This is her film comeback in five years.

“How to Steal a Dog” will be directed by Kim Sung Ho, who is known for his previous films “Into the Mirror” and “Family Cinema.” It will be produced by production company Threeway Productions (“The Crucible,” “Love Fiction“).