Wooyoung Proposes to Park Se Young on “We Got Married”

2PM‘s Wooyoung showed his romantic personality to his “We Got Married” wife Park Se Young by preparing a romantic proposal. The May 10 broadcast showed Wooyoung and Park Se Young enjoying their honeymoon in Singapore. As the two were enjoying an evening cruise, the 2PM member surprised his wife with a special gift. When Park Se Young opened the special box, the actress was moved to find wedding shoes designed by the singer and a letter. 

we got married

Yet, the letter was no ordinary letter but lyrics to a duet song that Wooyoung had composed. Titled “Two Clasped Hands,” the sweet lyrics foreshadowed the romantic wedding the two were to experience the next day. Although unfinished, the lyrics of the duet song included, “First, only look at me, second, tightly grasp my hand, the two of us growing closer, suddenly we’re alone together, third, don’t be too cool, fourth, never let go of my hand, your eyes tell me I like you, I like you, I like you like crazy.”

In regards to the unfinished duet song, Wooyoung explained, “I wanted to gift Se Young with a song.” In response, Se Young replied, “After listening to the melody together, I think it’s really good. I think it will be great when the song is completed.”

The previews for next week’s “We Got Married” showed the happy couple celebrating their wedding in Singapore. MBC‘s “We Got Married” airs every Saturdays at 5:05 PM (KST).