New Posters of “Yoona’s Street” Reveal Fun and Mysterious Character Detail

Two new posters for the upcoming JTBC drama “Yoona’s Street” have been released!

With its pilot episode set to air on May 19, “Yoona’s Street” revealed two posters, containing images of the cast, Kim Ok Bin, Lee Hee Jun, Lee Moon Shik, Jung Jong Joon, Kang Shin Hyo, Ahn Nae Sang, and Jo Hee Bong. Each of their unique characters have been captured in these posters.

yoonas street 051014 1

One poster has all the actors wearing sweats with comical and mysterious facial expressions. The scribbles on the poster reveal the characters’ names and personalities such as “Pickpocket Yoona” for Kim Ok Bin and “Innocent Young Man Chang Man” for Lee Hee Jun.

The second poster is completely different as the cast is dressed up in long trench coats. Kim Ok Bin pops out in her bright red trenchcoat as she is the only female member of the cast.

yoonas street 051014

Drama House reps commented, “The characters’ lives may seem low quality on the outside but we wanted to show how that’s not true through the story.”

“Yoona’s Street” is about a nice young man (Lee Hee Jun) who starts to live with a variety of people of all occupations, ages and personalities. It will air on May 19 after “Secret Love Affair” comes to an end.