Little Girl Asks Haha to Choose Between “Running Man” and “Infinity Challenge”

Haha has recently been put on a hot spot when a little girl asked him a difficult question!

On May 10, Haha made a guest appearance on the SBS “Star Junior Show Boongeoppang” as part of the quiz corner and shared his greetings with the children.

When Haha appeared, singer Sung Dae Hyun‘s daughter Sung Ah Young said, “I have a question. Do you like ‘Running Man‘ or ‘Infinity Challenge?'” making Haha nervously laugh.

Then the MC Kim Gook Jin added, “I really want to hear the answer to this question.”

Haha said to Sung Ah Young, “Sorry, but do you want to be a reporter when you grow up?” which made the whole studio laugh.

Haha then wisely answered, “I like ‘Boongeoppang. As soon as Dream learns how to talk, I will come on this show.” Dream is the nickname of Haha’s own child.

haha 051014

Soompiers, do you like Haha in “Running Man” or “Infinity Challenge?”