g.o.d Continues to Remain at the Top of Music Charts Since Its Single Release

Following their reunification as a complete group after 12 years apart, g.o.d has been dominating music charts for more than three days in a row with their new single.

On May 8, g.o.d released their new song “The Lone Duckling on various online music sites. It is currently going on the fourth day since the release; however, the song continues to remain at number one on real-time charts including Melon, Mnet, Olle Music, Monkey3, Genie, Daum Music, and more.

The recently released “The Lone Duckling” rose to the top of numerous music charts within one hour of its release. Despite their lack of broadcast promotion for the track, the reunited group has received consistent love from the public, proving their status as a national group.

Additionally, the last time g.o.d released a new song with the participation of every single member was for their fifth album, titled “Chapter 5,” in 2002. It has been said that all of the profits from “The Lone Duckling” will be donated to the victims of the Sewol Ferry tragedy.