Lena Park Weighs as Much as an Average Elementary School Student?

Talented singer Lena Park has confirmed that the digits on her official profile are indeed accurate.

She was a guest on the May 11 episode of MBC’s “Section TV” to promote her latest single “Syncrofusion” and to talk about her singing career. However, as her reported weight and height have caused many to question the legitimacy of them due to the tiny numbers, reporter Park Seul Gi asked her to clarify the facts.

When asked if she really weighs 39 kilograms (~86 pounds), Lena Park replied, “It goes up and down around that number. My height is 150 centimeters (4’11”).”

Reporter Park Seul Gi commented that such body composition is comparable to that of an average fifth or sixth grader. Hearing this, Lena Park replied, “Am I an elementary school kid?” and laughed at the comparison.

The singer is currently promoting her first single in two years, “Syncrofusion,” which was released last month.

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