Gilme of Clover Releases Emotional Breakup Song “NObody kNOw”

Female singer Gilme has greeted her fans with a long-awaited single.

The song was released on May 12 at noon through online music stores, marking her comeback after a hiatus of one year and two months. 

NObody kNOw” is a collaboration between Gilme and producer Kim Se Jin, with whom she has worked closely together since her first solo album. The vintage-inspired rhythm and sad piano sound reflect the feelings of sadness and regret after a breakup expressed in the lyrics.

While Gilme is known for her powerful vocals and unique rap style, this emotional song showcases a new side of her music.

A representative commented, “Gilme, sho does not follow fads or trends, has tried out a new style of music. You will be able to see a side of new Gilme in addition to her established image.” Preview the song here.