Daniel Henney Shares a Photo with His Mother In Honor of Mother’s Day

Actor Daniel Henney revealed a photo that he took together with his mother.

On his own personal Twitter, the actor posted an affectionate picture of himself with his mother, along with sweet words of thanks, in honor of the national American anniversary day known as “Mother’s Day.”
Daniel HenneyIn the photo, Daniel Henney and his mother can be seen posing closely and flashing bright smiles at the camera. Even more, his mother is wearing a shirt with “The Spy” written on it, which is a movie that the actor was recently a part of.

Meanwhile, through the May 7 broadcast of SBS’ “One Night of TV Entertainment,” Daniel Henney raised expectations, as he updated fans on his current status, “I am in the middle of meetings in discussion for a movie. I may be able to meet Korean fans soon.”