A Pink’s Eunji Congratulates Key on “We Got Married” Wedding, Doesn’t Need Sympathy from Viewers

A Pink‘s Jung Eunji showed up at Key and Yagi Arisa’s wedding, despite previously having been set up on a blind date with the groom.

On May 11, the wedding ceremony of virtual couple, Key and Yagi Arisa, was revealed on MBC’s “Section TV.”

On that day, members of SHINee, along with A Pink, were present to congratulate the couple’s marriage. The appearance of Key’s past blind date, Jung Eunji, received much attention. She expressed, “I came here because I heard Key has started a new life on ‘We Got Married,’ as she pretended to cry. However, she jokingly continued with a smile on her face, “Please don’t feel sorry for me!”

Meanwhile, Key, who had not expected Jung Eunji to be there, was shocked to see her and burst out laughing.