New Mnet Show “Countdown Vocal War 100 Seconds Before” to Determine Best Vocalist

Music channel giant Mnet is introducing a new music survival show in the form of “Countdown Vocal War 100 Seconds Before.

“Countdown Vocal War 100 Seconds Before,” “100 Seconds Before” for short, will see numerous vocalists of all ages participate for the best vocalist title. These vocalists will hide their identities and will be pitted against each other, with only their voices to fight with. The winner will be determined solely by the audience.

The first 100 seconds, the participating singers will perform without showing their faces. After the 100 seconds, they will reveal their faces and finish the performance.

The initial reactions to the show so far have been lukewarm, with many questioning the show’s concept which is very similar to that of MBC‘s “I Am A Singer” and JTBC‘s “Hidden Singer.” 

“100 Seconds Before” will start airing on both Mnet and tvN on May 20.